Food Photography

Food Photography

In the Restaurant business ‘Image Is Everything’!

Many chefs have said we eat with our eyes BEFORE we eat with our mouth. Good quality Food Photography is critical! You don’t get a second chance! They’ll form an opinion of you and your business in seconds!

They’ll order an entrée you’re featuring if it has a great image every time when it looks appetizing, They say “it looks good”, so they order.

As the saying goes “Put Your Best Foot Forward”. If you have no Pizza Pullimage or the image appears blurry, out of focus, without good light etc. they’ll form an unflattering opinion of you, your service, and your food. Quality food photography with proper lighting, shadows, depth, stylized correctly is a sure winner.

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Gorgeous Graphics
Graphics, pictures, and images can make or break your marketing campaigns – get it right, and your success is all but guaranteed. Get it wrong, and – well, there’s little chance of grabbing much attention at all.

Here are three tips to help you get better results when using images:

  1. Use sharp, crisp images. Marketing is not the place for amateur photos or cheesy clip art. Your images need to be professional and eye-catching, and never pixelated or blurry.  If you need to resize an image, always size DOWN (make it smaller) but don’t try to “blow up” the size – it will cause pixilation and blurriness in the image.
  2. Try Stock Photos. If you need professional-caliber photos, you can purchase images from stock photo sites like iStock or Shutterstock.
  3. Keep it simple. Images can be overwhelming, so be careful if you plan to use multiple images in the same marketing piece – you don’t want it to look cluttered.

Stock photos are great way to go if your food is GENERIC ! The same as everyone else’s.

Burger and a BeerBut if your product or service is unique you may want to show photos that are more specific. That’s where you should hire an experienced professional photography studio to create food pictures that represents you, your product, your service!

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