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Professional Food Photography for Menus, Print and Point of Purchase Displays!

Many chefs have said “we eat with our eyes BEFORE we eat with our mouth“. If your Food is mouthwatering and shows it, it’ll sell, so quality Food Photography is a must! The more pictures of food you have the more you’ll sell.

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As a former designer and creative director, I know how quickly beautiful photography can elevate your brand. I’m determined to save you from wasting hours trying to create your own images or, worse, investing in bland cookie cutter stock photography.

Brand awareness is what we’re talking about! That’s what Detroit Commercial Photo & Video does best. We create the finest Detroit Food Photography around that’ll make their mouths water. They’ll want, and buy your food whether you’re a dine-in or take-out restaurant. They’ll come back again and again and tell their friends!


Chicken Walnut Salad #2 Pizza Pull

Half Pound Burger on an Onion Roll








You’ll love all the Advantages in working with us because:

  • On location service where your chef is, so your food looks fresh and shown how it presented.
  • Work at your schedule, slow days, early morning or late evenings
  • Food stylist available
  • Shot approval as we photograph – You’ll see the image large on a monitor immediately, no small on line proofs days later or looking at the back of the camera only to discover it’s not what you expected or wanted.
  • Retouching included
  • You’ll receive your retouched final images in both Hi Resolution for printing menus, flyers etc. and Low Resolution for the web within two days after the shoot..

As the saying goes “Put Your Best Foot Forward”.

In the Restaurant business ‘Image Is Everything’!

They’ll order an entrée you’re featuring if it has a great image every time when it looks appetizing. When they say “If it looks good, they’ll order it” has meaning. . . (one picture is worth a thousand words).

If you have no image or the image appears blurry, out of focus, without good light, that all-too-common yellow cast, or looks like it was taken with a cell phone they’ll form an unflattering opinion of you, your service, and your food. A good food photo should evoke the food’s best traits, colors, textures and its inherent deliciousness. It should look so good you could eat the photo. Quality food photography with proper lighting, shadows, depth, stylized correctly is a sure winner!

For Top Quality Detroit Food Photography that sells the food, YOU WANT TO SELL. . .

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Before any photographs are created we determine the best way to photograph each item based on your vision and needs. You may see everything photographed from above, or you may want everything photographed from the side at an angle or the side square. Learn more Here.

There are many styles to choose from as well;

  • Close focus showing part of the food with everything around the edges out of focus.
  • Over all view with everything sharp in focus.
  • With hands in photo
  • With a person or family eating
  • And of course combinations

Stock photos are great way to go if your food is GENERIC. . . The same as everyone else’s!

Chocolate Cake w/chocolate drizzle and raspberry's

But if the food you’re serving is unique, you may want to show photos that are more specific. That’s where you should hire an experienced Detroit Food Photographer to create food photos that represents you, your food, and your service!

Taking great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill! ! !

I would be happy to discuss your food photography project and give you a FREE, No Obligation Quote. 

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