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We are a full service Commercial Photo & Video – Multi-Media production house featuring Still Photography, Professional Audio & Video, tying in Graphics to bring it all together.

 Creating Brand Awareness:

The first part and number one goal of marketing is awareness! We are a commercial photographer that’s what we do, help sell your product, service, story, brand, idea or concept. Our photography and video is used in corporate brochures, marketing, advertising and websites. There is a wide range of commercial photography types, such as food, product, people, architecture and event. We Create Brand Awareness through imagery.

Wedding Rings in Flowers

Pleasing design showcasing rings

We Bring Your Story to Life:

Every brand has a unique story to tell. Tell your story with passion and it can unlock the power to inspire, motivate and excite – and when consumers get excited about a brand, they buy.

Detroit Commercial Photo & Video is a visual solutions studio that’ll help you tell your story! What’s yours? Let us help tell it.

As a Commercial Photographer with 35 years’ experience allows us to specialize in both Still Photography and Video:



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Having Smartphone Does Not Make You a Photographer:

There is a lot more to being a Professional Commercial Photographer than clicking the button! From photo styling and composition to lighting and post production we will make you look your best, Creating Brand Awareness!

Smartphones and Photography:

Yes, we have smartphones too! And we use them to take a quick shot to post on Facebook or text to a client. But in the studio or on location your images deserve a lot better than that! Images are essential to visual storytelling; they need to be as good as possible to stand out in the crowd creating your brand awareness.

Blurry images, out of focus images, and badly lit products just don’t cut it! And. . . factor in the variables that happen on every project and you can see why the smart phone just doesn’t work! Detroit Commercial Photo & Video helps you avoid all of that!

Snapshots Share Moments. . .

Professional Images Convert Lookers to Buyers!


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The Professional Advantage:

The Professional Commercial Photographer not only have the needed camera’s and lighting equipment at their disposal, they usually have years of experience and know how to draw on. They know how to create a set, how to make the background a certain color, make the subject sharp in focus but the background out of focus, just for starters.

So when things go wrong, the deadline is fast approaching and the client is frantic the pros are more likely to get it done. And don’t forget, THEY ARE NOT JUST TAKING A PICTURE, THEY ARE TELLING YOUR STORY. Don’t you want your story the best that it can be, creating that brand awareness!


Why Work With Us?

We are comprehensive commercial photo & video studio ready to handle your On-Line and Print image needs! Whether it’s for advertising, editorial, commercial, product, food, or event photo & video needs. From a onsite shoot of your office for your website to a new head shot for a brochure, we’ve got you covered. Even better; all of our photo & video services are available on location.

Small & Medium Business are welcome:  We’re accustomed to working with management.

Studio Location: We can provide a full range of photo & video services anywhere on location. This will help you save money. You won’t have to shut down to go the photo studio!

Photo Styling: Our photo stylists make sure that your images are perfect by carefully styling each set depending on your preferences and requirements.

Post Production: We provide a full range of post-production services, including sizing and retouching, color correction, and background removal. Video editing is performed in-house allowing to control the project start to finish.

Green Screen:  Is available for both video and still photo to put you anywhere!

Image Manipulation: We can manipulate, create, and combine different images to create composites that match even the most advanced visual storytelling requirements.

Fast Turnaround: We can handle tight shooting and production deadlines on short notice so our clients don’t have to miss out on sudden opportunities.

Digital File Transfer: We can deliver print and screen resolution files instantly anywhere in the world via Dropbox, Google Drive, and most other cloud services.

Express yourself with images that impress!

Still Photography of;

People, Editorial, Food, Products, Real Estate and Event Photography.

Video & Audio Production of;

Promotional Video’s for Web & Social Media, Testimonial Video’s, About Us Video’s and Voice Over’s.


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Ready to Look Your Best?

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We Specialize In:

ST Baldrick Event

ST Baldrick Event


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