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Video Q&A

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 Do I own my video?

Yes. You own 100 percent of the rights to post your video on any website, social media page, email, newsletter or anywhere where viewers want to know more about you and your business.


What is the most important part of creating a short Promo Video?

Start with an HD image and solid sound. However, the most essential part is in the development of your marketing message. Your video must establish the Like, Know, and Trust in the viewers mind to do business. Marketing competency is a must.


Do I have to be in the video?

No, only if you choose to be. We can use a combination of images, video and narration to represent your business. Or, you also have access to a professional spokesperson.

What  about Hair, Makeup, Clothing?

Those are all important considerations whether it be a still photo or a video. We have all those concerns covered in our page called “Tips to Prepare” click here.

I’d like to be in our business video but have no experience.

You don’t have to be a trained actor to be effective. In fact the enthusiasm and conviction of you or one of your staff has proven to be better. Plus we shoot in small segments. Usually doing each small segment 2 – 3 times and selecting the best of each segment in post. However, you’ll want a professional marketing script, expert preparation and delivery coaching. For that we are authorities.


How will I remember what I’m going to say on the video?

You can work from cue cards, a white board prompter, or simply speak from your experience. Remember we usually only shoot small 1 – 2 sentence segments at a time. Our job is to find out what works best for you so you come across professionally.


Where do you shoot the video?

We come to your home/office within the five counties around Detroit with our cameras, lights and sound equipment at no additional charge.


Does your company do animation?

Nothing complex. Most often we feature real human beings. Our goal is to make your business video brief and authentic to make a personal connection with your viewers.


How does your process work?

First we create a story board to lay the ground work. Then the marketing script with a well-crafted message. After capturing the video, your program is moved into creative post production to bring all the pieces together. Once approved, your video is ready for uploading to your website or social media platforms.


Can you custom tailor a package for our business?

Yes. Most all of our packages are custom to fit for your needs. No cookie cutter packages here. Your investment totally depends upon what you can provide. Obviously if we have to create all the content it will be at a higher investment than if you can provide it or part of it. Spokes people, exotic sets and locations, models, hair and makeup are all available but certainly not required or part of most Promo Video’s we produce.


Can you shoot video testimonials of our clients?

Yes. Because video touches more of the senses of sight and sound, video testimonials are vastly superior to plain written text and quickly build value, trust and credibility.


What makes Detroit Commercial Photography&Video different from other videographers?

Like others, we capture in HD quality. However, we are a full service multimedia production house featuring still photography, professional video, professional audio tying in graphics to bring it all together. In addition, 30+ year’s experience qualifies us to skillfully coach you in the delivery of your message. We are not just a camera operator as most companies use.


What kind of ROI (return on investment) can I expect?

If you keep your money in a liquid bank account you may make up to 1 or 2 percent, which is not significant enough to grow your brand. If you invest into a well-crafted customer-driven promo video, then you’ll get a different type of return like better web rankings. Another example is that print ads have a limited shelf life. Your promo video works for you around the clock 365 days a year branding, informing and even pre-selling your services. Try hiring someone to give the same consistent message over and again.

It’s a fact that over 80% of web visitors prefer video over plain text and will remember far more about your business. If a graphic on a web page, print ad or brochure is worth a thousand words, then video is worth tens of thousands of words and makes a deeper emotional connection. People buy emotionally and justify with logic. A well-crafted promo video is the future of business communication today.


*Green Screen:

This is a process whereby the subject is captured in front of a well-lighted green screen. This method allows us to later remove the background. We replace the green screen with images or other video. For the viewer this creates more interest, momentum, clarification and helps to maintain attention, recall and movement to action.

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