Ten Pounds Heavier in Photos

Ten Pounds Heavier in Photos

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Ten Pounds Heavier in Photos is part of the series “The Value of Hiring a Professional Photographer“. This is part of Series #2 we call “What About Me”. Here we talk about all the things we can do in order to NOT look heavier in our photos. 

Clothing is Important

We all want to look our best in our photos! Not the Ten Pounds Heavier in Photos we’ve heard that the camera  adds. Most of us are already overweight and don’t want to look heavier yet. Most of us know our photo is our brand and people will relate to us based on the quality and look of our Head Shot Photo. 

What can we do? First lets look at the clothing. There is an old saying most of us have heard that says : Light colors enlarge and Dark colors recede! So what I recommend to all my clients if they are caring extra weight is wear dark color clothing. Solid colors are always best, but if you have to have a design try to have a vertical design. Please avoid horizontal strips that make us look heavier and no large flower shirts, dresses, and blouses. They generally make you look larger, and generally takes away from the portrait.


I know “pose” is a dirty word to must people. Nobody wants to be posed, but it applies. When having your photo created many people look square into the camera, meaning the shoulders are square to the camera. That will make you look larger right off the bat. It also make for a static pose. Boring. Keep in mind there are some exceptions such as pass port photos and drivers license photos.  So other than those few exceptions, for a more flattering and thinner look, turn your shoulders approximately 45 degrees to camera. Now you will look smaller in frame. Then turn your head back towards the camera or look off in the direction you are faced for more contemplative look.