TBC Promo Video

TBC Promo Video

Our exclusive TBC Promo Video is the perfect combination of Still Photography, Professional Video, Professional Audio and Graphics to create a Multimedia video that’ll create Brand Awareness, save you money, and raise your business to the next level, standing you apart from the rest!

We Call it THE  TBC Promo Video


It is the ONE media that works with All Your Marketing Platforms!

This video can be used in all your platforms for consistent branding on Facebook, LinkedIn, your Web site, your Emails, your Newsletters, TV and to give you the WOW factor even in your Business Cards!

NO OTHER VIDEO EQUALS IT!  It IS the best bang for your buck you can get for your marketing dollar!

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You, like me, like everyone else in business either sells a product or a service, some of us do both. And one of the common denominators with all of us is business cards. Unfortunately, it’s a stagnant piece of paper that all too often ends up in the garbage. It doesn’t do anything for us other than cost money!

But wait, in order to sell any product or service any sales trainer will tell you, they have to;

. . . . . Know You – Like You – Trust You

Know, Like & Trust = IS EXACTLY WHAT OUR TBC Promo Video DELIVERS!

Your TBC Business Card with the aid of a FREE app will come alive in Video of you telling your story, selling your personality, and showing your professionalism. NOW your Business Card is NOT stagnant, it’ll come alive to sell you and your services long after you give them your card.

And you’ll be able to use your TBC Promo Video in your Email, Newsletters, Social Media, and Website for a complete answer on all your marketing platforms.

A TBC Promo Video is the modern solution for savvy business people who want to maximize their message and go for a solid first impression on all the platforms!

What is involved in getting one?

First we create a storyboard based on what you want to convey, your needs and what we have to work with. They all have a video intro, body, and a call to action. The body is usually your voice with still images showing your service or product. The end can be a video or just a still photo.

You can write your own script or we can make suggestions. Either way we do recommend you practice your lines before shoot day, it’ll go much smoother and easier for you.

We’ll give you direction so you look good and sound good for the best video ever!

We will also need still images, graphics, or video for the body. If you do not have photo or video content for the card, we can discuss pricing to create it. We will also need a high quality logo in either PNG, EPS, JPG or TIFF.

How it works?

When your Video is finished, you’ll receive links sized for all the various platform you use. You then embed the link in your website, your emails, on social media or just send the link as you choose to!  Once the video has played, the viewer will have the option of adding you as a contact or calling you, sending you an email, visiting your website or replaying your TBC Promo Video with the click of a button!

Professional Hosting?

LivePortrait is the FREE app for sharing your TBC Promo Business Cards. Just download the app then hold your smart phone over your card and presto your Business Card comes alive with sound, music and you telling your story. True! The wow-factor alone is worth it.

Stats so you know how many views you are getting and from what media is available too if you want that service!

TBC Promo Video Investment?

Our TBC Promo Video’s start at $550, and include 3 years of hosting on LivePortrait! Links include 1 year of hosting. We will photograph and film you in your office or home and coach you to get the best possible energy and confidence in your delivery.

You’ll get included 80 Custom Designed Talking Business Cards FREE.

You may give us up to 7 images and a short video clip to create your Promo Video, or hire us to create new content if you like.  The Investment will vary depending on amount of still images and videos provided!


A Custom Showplace Video is also available and require on location shooting as well as creative video illustration. Please ask us for a quote – we encourage creativity and innovative ideas! The options are endless.

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