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Product Photography is some of the most demanding. You’ll want an experienced product photographer here because of all the variations. Some we discuss on this page but the options are almost endless because of size, shape, color, finish of the product all with the consideration of where and how it will be displayed. Web, Brochure, Print Ads, Magazine are all considerations.

As a former designer and creative director, I know how quickly beautiful photography can elevate your brand. I’m determined to save you from wasting hours trying to create your own images or, worse, investing in bland cookie cutter stock photography.

The Quality of the Image Creates Your Brand Awareness! 

There are many ways to photograph a product from the simple to the complex determined by your needs and budget. Detroit Commercial Photo & Video has done pretty much every kind of Product Photography over the years.

If you want to keep it simple and cost-effective your product photographer can shoot on white, like you see on Amazon and E Bay. If you prefer to add dimension to your product we can add creativity to your shoot with a backgrounds, props, lighting techniques and post-production procedures like what is often used on Etsy.

If you want to promote an aspirational lifestyle our photographers and stylists can help you achieve the right environment and mood.

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Product photography shot on pure white are perfect for many uses including e-commerce, brochures and advertising material.

5 inch Floppy for Ebay or Amazon

5 inch floppy disk for Ebay or Amazon

 Our White on White “packshot” product photography is available to you at a competitive price, based on volume making it the ideal solution for clients who want only the very best photography for their Amazon, E Bay store or Web site.

White on White Product Photography is often a good option for many companies.Detroit Commercial Photo & Video will make it simple for you!


With the use of different techniques, we can create something

Copper Cocktail Shaker

Copper Cocktail Shaker

special for your product photography. Our team will employ various creative effects to make sure your final images are exactly what you need, including colored backgrounds, drop shadows and reflections, lighting effects, dramatic angles and atmospheric colors.

Product photography from Detroit Commercial Photo & Video is used by company brands across the Michigan.

Call or email us to book your session.

Lifestyle Individuality:

For projects where a full room set is unnecessary but where elegance or realism is needed for your commercial photography, this option is ideal.

Our product photographer has the skill to recreate the perfect

Moonshine Gift Box

Moonshine Gift Box for Etsy

lifestyle setting, selecting appropriate lighting, backgrounds and props. The result – breath-taking product photography that never fails to impress and with our in-house sets and competitive pricing structure, this option proves very popular with our clients.

Creative Product Photography:

White background cut out shots are perfect, but there are times when projects demand something more. ‘Hero’ products often need greater promotion when selling online or in print, and that is when our creative services come to your aid.

Consider adding a drop shadow, a nice reflection or mood lighting. Maybe a dramatic angle combined with special lighting techniques or other effects such as smoke and mirrors will do the trick.

If you have your own creative ideas in mind just call (734) 513-8100 or Toll FREE (877) 640-8150, and we’ll do the rest.

Brilliant Backgrounds:

We can employ various creative background effects for your commercial photography to make sure your final images are exactly fit for purpose, including colored backgrounds, dark and moody settings, dazzling and eye-catching backgrounds or anything specific that you want us to do.

Call or email anytime for a chat about the options available to you or to give us your ideas of what you need our product photographers to create for you.

Luscious Lighting:

With a great wealth of lighting knowledge at their fingertips our studio experts can enhance the beauty of your photos to create the dynamic imagery you need to sell online or in print.

Many techniques are drawn from our years of experience. Detroit Commercial Photo & Video are all permanent staff and dedicated to giving you the result you need. If you know that you need something really special from the lighting set up but you aren’t quite sure which way to go, our team are just an email or a phone call away and will be happy to provide advice or send you some example images to help with your decision.

Rippling Reflections:

Depending of course on the type of product you have, you may wish to consider featuring watery effects to bring out the very best in your imagery.

Ice Cold Beer

Ice Cold Beer

Glassware lends itself perfectly to having water droplets or condensation effects upon it for example, with some products looking great if resting in water which can then be creatively shot to ripple or sparkle depending on the look we have been asked to create for you.

Words don’t do justice to this type of creativity, so contact us to see examples or discuss your creative product photography project with our team.

Lifestyle Product Photography:

When a white background doesn’t cut it or more creative imagery is still not enough, then look to Detroit Commercial Photo & Video to take things another step further with lifestyle imagery.

The addition of props combined with other creative effects will raise the profile of your products to a higher level, perfect for web banners, hero products, cover shots and any other PR, advertising, sales or marketing material you are producing.

 Stylish Props:

We’ll choose the props appropriate to your products to bring you the very best images.

From food to fruit, ice cubes to steam, rocks to tropical plants, we’ve used them all, and much more besides. We will make your products really stand out from your competition with clever propping and effective lighting, providing you with powerful, impactful images to promote your products.

Room Settings:

It’s good to display your products showing where they are used most or to their full effect. There’s no better way to achieve this than by realistic room set photography, put together quickly by our team and propped and lit suitably for your products.

Small cameo photography sets are ideal for this type of shot, where quite often the room in the background is out of focus yet is still recognizable and adds a strong degree of realism to the shot.

Whatever scale of image you need we can arrange the details for you. Perhaps for added realism your shots could feature a model using the product, or you could show the product being used in a variety of different ways? Call us to discuss your options.

Product Features:

There are occasions when you need to show specific product features within a single shot in order to sell your products successfully.

When a magic mixture of creative lighting, props, image manipulation and creative direction is applied the final images are stunning. Ideal for advertising and marketing or for specific commercial photography projects where something special is required to display your products in an innovative way.

There are a few examples on this page, but if you want to see more or discuss how this type of image would help you just get in touch.

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