Product Photography Basics

Product Photography Basics

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Product Photography Basics is part of the series “The Value of Hiring a Professional Photographer“. Here we cover the basic concepts in professional Product Photography to produce a quality image. We’ll discover just one of the lighting options to photograph a perfume bottle with a white background. The image we create would work on Amazon, E bay or your website. See the image we created on the right. 

Product Photography Basics

Victoria Secret Perfume Bottle

Product Photography

Product Photography is one of the most difficult types of photography to work in, because of all the different options! Products very in size from a tiny pin to something half the size of a building. And of course there is the shape considerations, finish of the piece ie, mat, glossy, reflective, and not to mention the color.  Because of all these options, and more, lighting the various products will very from one another. You wouldn’t light a machine that people work in the same as a fishing lure. Consequently requiring different types of equipment and amount of equipment to do the job. Time and experience is huge in Product Photography. 

In Product Photography Basics we just barely touch on the subject and with out a doubt we’ll be spending more time on the subject in the future. Look for additional posts on Product Photography in the future. Want to learn more on Product Photography and what we can do for you click here.


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