Photo Restoration

What is Photo Restoration / Picture Restoration

Photo Restoration or often called Picture Restoration is the art of restoring the appearance of an image that has been damaged by natural, accidental, environmental causes, improper storage, age or neglect.

Photo restoration uses a variety of image editing techniques to remove visible damage and aging effects from your precious photographs.

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Winter Scene Photo Restoration

Old Winter Scene w/ ox pulling kids in the snow. Before and After

What are the causes & how you can protect your photos from needing Picture Restoration?

In the past the photographs were created in a “Dark Room” using toxic chemicals that contained lead, silver and other chemicals. Given time these photographs will turn from black and white to a brown tone called Sepia. There is nothing you can do to stop this from happening because it is the results of the chemicals over time! More recently the photo papers and inks used have NOT been archival quality, and as a result, many photo prints show signs of fading and color shifts after only a few years. Only in the last few years have archival quality prints been available.

Poor storage practices such as keeping photos in attics or basements or allowing photos to be exposed to sunlight, have also contributed. Storing your photos in albums, folders, and the like that contain acids eat away your images as well.  Tip: (Always store your photo collection in ACID FREE albums, folders etc. It will be marked acid free, you’ll pay a little more for acid free, but it’s worth it.)

Handling your photographs has resulted in many photo’s being damaged by tearing, dropping in water and simply by placing your prized beautiful print in the typical frame with glass we get from most discount stores that have “ready-made” frames that you slide your photo into. (Your photo will stick to glass over time due to moisture in the air and other natural occurrences.)  Tip: (If possible have your prints coated with a protective spray and don’t use the glass in the frame. If want to use glass in the frame then use an ACID FREE mat to keep your photo from touching the glass.) Check out a video here called  “How to frame your prints without pitfalls!


People don’t realize there is a problem until they take a look at their photo collection after many years of storage. It is then that they notice that many photos now have a brown, orange or red cast that obscures the colors, or black and white photos have turned brown tone or yellow. Our precious prized and most often irreplaceable collections are in fact fading away and in time many will be beyond recovery.

Man with his dog Picture Restoration

Man with his dog sitting in his living room, Before & After

What are the benefits of photo restoring your old photos?

Our legacy is one of our most precious gifts we can give to future generations! It says who we are, where were from, our history. Once restored, the photos can be copied to a CD, DVD, Thumb drive, or the cloud for long-term storage and safe keeping. Once you have digital copies you need not worry about further damage because digital images do not change at all. Having the digital copies will allow you to make additional prints at any time in the future should disaster strike.

There are sentimental reasons for wanting to restore some special family photos. Restored photos make a great unique personal gift for family members. What better gift then to restore the only good childhood photo of your siblings all together, and then send each of them a restored copy as a gift.

Photo Restoration:

Our studio uses state of the art technology. We are a leader in the industry for photo restoration, enhancement and repair. We can repair and work with all types of damage, photos stuck together, stuck to glass, torn, missing pieces, and mold damage. We take great care in handling your original photos from the time your package arrives in our studio, to shipping back to you.   Questions?    Call Now! (734) 513-8100 / Toll FREE (877) 640-8150

50's Wedding Pic

50’s Wedding Pic that was faded with slight color shift, restored to look beautiful and printed large, framed and given as a gift.

We Can Fix Color, Faded, Grainy, Too Dark, Too Light and Poor Image Quality Photos


We Restore Torn, Cracked and Scraped Photos! Even those Missing Pieces!


Severe Damage? Not to Worry!


Water damaged?  Coffee? Ink stain?  Too Much Sun?  Mold? We fix it all!


We Can Add OR Remove People, Change Backgrounds AND add smiles!


In addition to working on photographs we also work on all sizes of negatives, slides documents, Tin Types, Glass Plate images, Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Calotypes

We’ll talk about glare, stains, and water damage with you. And. . . we’ll talk about some finishing touches, creating digital frames and borders. Rest assured, your images look better than ever and are preserved forever.

Ordered photos are printed on Archival Photo Paper that will last up to 200 years. We also carry a full line of textured papers to add even more elegance to your photograph. Or we can put your photographs on to real painters’ canvas stretched on high quality wood frame to make your photograph look more like a painting!

We can send a prepaid label to ship your photos to us. Call Bill for a free quote.

For the client that is unable to send in their photo, please scan, upload and email to us at   for a free estimate. Want to learn more about us, click here.

70 Year old Photo Restoration

7o year old photo of Lithuania woman, ripped, faded, and discolored. Restored as Black and White!

We have been restoring old & damaged photos for 30 yrs!

We work with the general public as well as historical societies!

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