How to frame your prints without pitfalls

How to frame your prints without pitfalls!

Framed print with broken glass.

Broken Glass Photo

One of my hats is photo restoration. I work for individuals and historical societies.  After hearing many stories over the years I decided to create the video “How to frame your prints without pitfalls”!

Recently I received a phone call from a frantic lady who’s favorite photo of her husband from 20 years ago fell and broke. Not only did the frame the photo was in break, but the glass in front of it shattered as well. The photo can NOT be recreated for several obvious reasons, but when she started to remove the glass from the photo the emulsion was coming with it. She then tried to remove the photo from the glass with the same results.

She new her husband would be upset when got home because it the only photo he had as a tank commander 20 years ago!

When she called I explained to her after all that time in the frame due to moisture and condensation the picture literally sticks to the glass when touching it. There is no way of separating them. I asked if she new where the negative was?  She didn’t as it was taken by another soldier at the time. The only option is to do a digital file of it.

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