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Most people assume that a Professional Headshots is only for actors or actresses to help casting directors, but that isn’t always the case. Headshots are a powerful way to market yourself! You could be a business person, model, lawyer, salesperson or perhaps you just want a good clean Social Media profile image of yourself.

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You’re in business and you know the first impression counts. It’s called BRAND AWARENESS!


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Today more than ever Brand Awareness counts. People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. You are the brand!

What do you want your client to see? A 10-year-old photo taken by your mother, or a Professional Headshot created to show your strengths?

The Wall Street Journal reports that “LinkedIn profiles that include professional headshots well-lit are fourteen times more likely to be viewed than those that don’t, according to company stats. Without a photo, you’ll be more likely miss out on a job rather than land one.”

What impression do you want to leave with your customer or prospect?

We work on location throughout Southeastern Michigan including (Detroit, Livonia, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, Commerce, Milford, Brighton, and Monroe) and can help you and your business make a great first impression.

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Professional Studio Quality Executive Portraits Win Business

Whether you’re a business professional, author, speaker, or actor, a Professional Headshot builds your brand and helps promote you and your business. We bring a full studio and set it up at your location of choice, same-day image selection, and fast turnaround, we create quality portraits for you quickly.

Whether you need just a single Headshot or the entire teams Headshot, you can choose a package that precisely fits your needs. We work on a volume basis!

Make your headshot work for you!

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Nine Reasons Why you should book Detroit Commercial Photo & Video!

Dr. Gary Ross

Dr. Gary Ross

  • First, you’ll have a no cost consultation to advise you on all the important things, ie. hair, makeup, clothes, & background. You’ll have your choice of backgrounds.  For a complete overview see “Tips To Prepare” click here.
  • Second, on the day of your Headshot photo shoot you’ll be comfortable in a familiar setting, your home or office. We come to you, saving you time, travel expense, keeping your work day more efficient. You’ll be able to see clients right up to your headshot photography session.
  • Third, We’ll direct you at your photo shoot to get just the look you want! Strong, Professional, Friendly, Approachable, Hard, you decide and we’ll help you get there!
  • Fourth, you’ll have your choice of several different images we create immediately after. No mistakes, you’ll see and approve your image on the spot.
  • Fifth, your selected images will be retouched and enhanced by me. You’ll receive your images within a week with a business use photo release.
  • Sixth, you’ll look fabulous! Click on = Guaranteed  To read My “Iron Clad” No Nonsense Guarantee!
  • Seventh, you’ll actually be amazed at how easy and enjoyable the whole process is. You’ll receive your image in Color and Black & White, in both high and low resolution with a Business Use Photo Release for print and the web within a few days.
  • Eighth, we have 35 Years’ Experience in creating beautiful portraits!
  • Ninth, You own your images. Use them for any and all business purposes you want, such as Social Media, your Web site, Business Cards, Flyers, Speaking Engagements.

Want to learn a little about Professional Headshot Photography click here!

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots, whats the differenceThe differences can be striking.  See here!

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Everybody wants the best quality headshot, right? Well, quality will cost you. It’s like the old saying, ‘You Get What You Pay For.’ This is very true with not just headshot photography, but all specializations.  Does that mean you’re going to expect to spend thousands of dollars? No. Most quality headshot photographers will charge anywhere between $350-$800. Peter Hurley in New York charges $1300! We Work more on a volume basis so this is not the case.

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Here is what April Wolters had to say:

Professional Headshot Photo’s:

At Detroit Commercial Photo & Video we offer two different ways of creating your new headshot

Professional Studio Quality Executive Portrait includes a full studio set up on location including color background, studio lighting, professional direction for the best look, and includes traveling up to twenty-five miles encompassing most area’s of Metro Detroit.  

We also offer Environmental Executive Portraits at your place of business with a more natural setting, such as office, lobby or specialty area. This  background setting often is better choice for many occupations such as a surgeon or a personal trainer, or we’d be happy to make our professional recommendation for your corporate portrait once we’ve scouted your facility.

Each image includes FREE, as an added bonus, retouching and image enhancements! Your photo will be delivered back to you in high-resolution for printing purposes and low resolution for the Web, Social Media and  Email. Each image will be in both color and black & white.

Three options: Like buying apples the more you get, the cheaper it gets!

  1. In Your Home or Office: Your Headshot includes your upfront consultation, Professional Headshots session at your home or office, custom background selection, two outfit, two different looks, with image selection immediately after.
  2. Headshots Event: Your Headshot includes your upfront consultation, Professional Headshots session at a location and date we select, a set background color, one outfit, one look, with image selection immediately after. (Call to find out the next Headshots Event:)
  3. Business Group at your Office:  For larger corporate Headshot services, please call to receive a customized estimate for your group.

As an added option for the ladies professionally done hair and/or makeup is available. Just ask and we’ll fill you in on the details!

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In general, the studio does not offer copyright transfers (“selling the copyright”), as it is cost prohibitive for our clients. Instead, we offer image licensing, which typically includes usage for self-promotion on websites, business cards, and other promotional materials, among other things. The standard license is valid for a period of ten years (for just $100, you can remove the time limitation).

Now here’s 3 recent testimonials:

Here is what Terry Crouson had to say;

Terry CrousonTerry Crouson
“Every business professional needs to present a truly professional image. Having a quality headshot is so important in today’s social media-driven world. Picking the right photographer is just as important. That’s why you want Bill Abram of Detroit Commercial Photo & Video to do the job. Forget the selfies and clumsy cropping and let Bill make you look your best. I’ve received compliments from all over the country and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Terry Crouson
The Growth Coach of West Metro Detroit
(734) 718-1640

Here is What George Shea had to say:

George Shea
George Shea Bill,

A new client came in today for an estate plan. She said she found our firm on-line, and looked at the testimonials, and saw my picture (which you took.) She selected me because “You looked like a nice man.”   I don’t know how you did it, Bill, but apparently the photograph was enough to fool her. Thanks.

George S. Shea

Creighton McLean & Shea PLC

14881 Farmington Rd.

Livonia, MI 48154

(734) 422-5900 ext. 2

(734) 422-0461 Fax



Here is What Michele Wollard had to say:

Detroit Commercial Photo & Video Headshot Promo Image

Michele Wollard

“I really love how GREAT my skin looks…..LOL!  You are a miracle worker.”

Michele Wollard

Community Alliance CU

39500 High Pointe Blvd

Novi, MI 48375




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