Headshots, Headshots, Headshots, Whats the difference

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots,
Whats the difference?

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots, whats the difference? The differences can be striking. Far to many photographers consider a headshot to be a blank wall with a pop up flash on their camera, click, next, somewhat like school pictures are done with even less precision? 

Others use what ever is available as a background i.e. the great outdoors, hallway, conference room, large office with people working in background? Unfortunently these often look like they are flat looking (no separation between you and background).

Few photographers offer Studio Quality Headshots! Especially on location, because there is so much equipment to be moved and set up. But the advantage can be huge, such as a professional lite backgrounds to get the look you want, separation and or hair lights can be added and controlled to add depth, large light source to light your face for a softer look and to round your face. (We are NOT square cubes.)

Headshot for published book

       With the studio quality headshot photographer many are equipped to be able to send your image as done to a computer so you can see and approve your images at the shoot or create more! Unless you are professional tennis or basebal player, fisherman or some other occupation where your work environment is not seen as a suit and tie thing, you’ll make a much more professional look with a Studio Quality Headshot! 

Retouching and Photo Enhancements are the salt and pepper of your Headshot! Unless you’re young just starting your carreer, most all of us need these two added services. However most photographers do not include Retouching and Photo Enhancements in their shoot fee. Usually if offered at all, it is an extra cost item. The reason is simply time. It can easily take much more time to retouch and enhance and image than to take it originally. It is also a matter of opinion, like salt and pepper. I have personally experienced fully retouching an image, to be told its too much, then removing it, only to be told to retouch it again after they see the difference. 

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Please see the images below of Suzanne and Kevin Young’s images below. They are Life Coaches that can help you with your personal challenges. Their number is 248-349-6225. One of the images are for Suzanne’s new book that will be available soon through Suzanne and Amazon!

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots Whats the difference

Beautiful HeadshotCouple Team Photo

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We can also provide hair and or makeup stylist for a complete new look!