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What About My Hair, Makeup & Nails is part of the series “The Value of Hiring a Professional Photographer“. This week we began producing Series #2 we call “What About Me”. Here we learn the importance of, and some tips and tricks for your Hair, Nails, Makeup and as a bonus we talk about eye glasses. All are extremely important in having your portrait done to produce a quality image.

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Over 35 years as a professional photographer I have taken literally thousands of portraits. I can tell you dozens of stories but I only tell you about three, imagine:

You’re a bride, today is your wedding day and you go to the hair salon that morning to have your hair done, but your normal stylist isn’t there. They tell you wait, and as soon as one of the other stylist is available they’ll help you. You wait. But now you’re running late! You tell her how you want your hair done, you tell her because so and so is not there for your pre-scheduled appointment, your running late so could she please hurry.  She finishes but didn’t quite understand what you wanted so you HATE YOUR HAIR! But there is no time to start over. You get married, have a beautiful wedding. Two weeks later you come in to view and select your images for your album. But, because you hated your hair, YOU HATE EVERY SINGLE IMAGE THAT YOU ARE IN! It became which images do I hate least for the album. What a shame! ! !

Or another bride with the same basic scenario but she told the stylist to do it over. She was an hour and half late for her wedding. Everyone was really upset (saying it mildly) including the minister. (Note this was the only time in my career as a wedding photographer did I see a minister swearing like soldier in his own church on his own alter.) He was fuming to point he would not permit me to take any photographs before, during or after the ceremony. The 1 hour ceremony was cut down to less than 15 minutes and we had to immediately leave.

One last one, was a beautiful young lady that didn’t follow my instructions about getting a permanent. I know that is kind of out of trend now but then it was pretty common. Well she got a tight perm so it would relax over time. In concept a great idea except our appointment was the next day. She hated her hair almost to the point of crying, but because she had prepaid for the session as I required, came in. Upon arriving she asked if I could fix it, what was I going to do? She didn’t like the answer I gave her when I told her I was NOT going to do anything! Period! It was not my fault she was warned about getting a perm just before our appointment.

Okay enough with the horror stories, I know. Whether you select me to create your portrait or another photographer, there are some basic common sense things you should know. I know you want to look good in your portrait but if you hate your hair there is nothing I can do about it. I retouch all of the Portraits/Headshots I do, but I can not change your hair style in post. Looking good, feeling good is paramount in having a Portrait you’ll love so follow the guide lines I have on my page “Preparing For Your HeadShot Session” Click here.

“Preparing For Your HeadShot Session”

The page “Preparing For Your HeadShot Session” covers almost everything you will need to know. But I urge you to call if in doubt. I would much rather help you beforehand than do a session that you are not happy with because of your hair, makeup, or nails.

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