Editorial Photography

Editorial Photography?

Editorial Photography is the photography that appears in Web Pages, Newspapers, Magazines, and Brochures that is NOT the product itself. Ie it is the imagery around the watch but not the watch itself.

A man with his dog looking at each other

Editorial images are usually meant to accompany feature articles in newspapers, magazines and websites, chapters in books and text in brochures. They can be in any genre: photojournalism, fashion, portrait, sports, landscape, etc.

An editorial shoot involves a lot of people working together to produce an illustrative story. It’s a highly creative process often involving endless interpretations; people with smiles or no smiles, looking back at the camera or looking off, sometimes moody, soft, or bright and crisp are all possible and part of the creative process. Since these publications cover almost every area of interest, photographers with a background in many different disciplines may be involved in this field, working both in studios and on location.

Rock hiding an electronic device for your dog.Editorial/Advertising Photography are usually briefed by the publication’s editor or picture editor. It is then the photographer’s job to shoot images that will answer the brief and satisfy or exceed editorial expectations.

You can see why it’s often referred to as Editorial/Advertising Photography.Editorial Photgraphy of Food

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