Editorial / Advertising Photography Basics

Editorial / Advertising Photography Basics

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Editorial / Advertising Photography Basics is part of the series “The Value of Hiring a Professional Photographer“. Here we cover the basic concepts in professional Editorial / Advertising Photography to produce a quality image.

Editorial / Advertising Photography Concepts

One of the most misunderstood genres of professional photography is Editorial / Advertising Photography. Most people just don’t know what it is and what makes up an Editorial / Advertising Photograph. Yet they are all around us. You can’t look at a magazine, most web sites, most sales brochures, and of course TV with out seeing it. But what is it? The short answer is a “STORY TELLING” image or video!

A story telling image or video can be anything you can think of. In most any genre from people to products to locations, etc. If people are in the image they are almost always doing something, for example the image of the lady’s with the dog. You can read into that image a thousand stories!

Editorial / Advertising Photography Basics

Editorial / Advertising Photography

But generally, you would not consider it as a family picture. Family pictures the participants are usually looking straight at you usually with a smile.

The facts are Editorial / Advertising Images are almost unlimited in scope.  The difference is, if people, pets, or products are in it they are almost always doing something! They are not just sitting there like a product on Amazon or E Bay.

Editorial / Advertising Photography Experience

Creating an Editorial / Advertising Photo or Video is a job best left to the professionals! It is not a job for the guy down the street with his cell phone or even the average guy with a camera because it involves so many different genre’s of image making.

Some Of The Considerations

First and foremost is creating a storyboard of the shoot. What are we looking to accomplish, what is the story we want to convey, what kind of location is best suited to tell the story and what time of day just for starters. How many images are we going to need, or how long of a video, where are they being displayed? How do we want the final images to look like, over exposed, under exposed, bright highlights etc. etc. So as you can see the person shooting the production needs a thorough understanding of many different contributing factors. Plus including all the nuances of lighting the set either indoors or out. The costs for the company producing this shoot can easily get into many thousands of dollars especially if they are hiring actors and going on location!

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