Differences Of Facebook Live Video & Professional Promo Video

Differences Of Facebook Live Video & Professional Promo Video

The Differences Of Facebook Live Video & Professional Promo Video discusses some of the pro’s and con’s of the 2 different styles of creating video for your business!

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You Ask Why? Live Video or Promo Video?

First of all, each will create brand awareness. Each gives you the opportunity to explain why someone should choose you and your company for their project. People will watch both, but they very greatly in what can be expected of each.

Live Video Pro’s and Con’s

Live Video is the easiest to do! All you really need is a smart phone and a Facebook account. There are other Live Video venue’s such as You Tube and Periscope, you may want to consider. You Tube requires special software “OBS” for an example installed on a computer.  There are other brands but almost all require the computer. Periscope is the same I believe but I am not familiar with it. So with both You Tube and Periscope you are somewhat confined to be in front of or near your computer. Facebook, once again, all you need is your smart phone. No computer, no wires. So if you use any of the other services except Facebook you will have to invest in added software and perhaps additional hardware depending on what you want to do.

Facebook also increases the exposure of live video for FREE over standard uploaded video.  There is no advantage to Live Video on You Tube.

Live video can be a lot of fun, another great way to be seen and communicate with others with out a computer. However, being LIVE, everything you say and do is visible to the world. Scratch your head, pick your nose it all shows,  and there is no taking it back. Say the wrong thing and you may have a problem. Once out there its out there. Perhaps that is why you see very little LIVE TV except for news programs and much of them are in fact NOT live.  Being Live requires you to be on cue with your presentation and enthusiasm.

But being LIVE people will listen longer! Or will they? Many people are using their smart phone for both video and the audio. On the audio side, the receivers we talk into will only produce good sound within the first few inches from our mouth. Its primary purpose is a phone.  When that phone is a foot, two or three feet or more from the subject talking, the person speaking will get faint and will sound like they’re in an echo chamber. Let the furnace or air conditioner kick on and its only worse. Not good! Without good audio, you have NOTHING! ! !  It is real hard to watch a video you can’t hear well.  So you will want to invest in good audio equipment to do the job. You can spend anything from a few hundred to literally thousands to guarantee good audio, not to mention the learning curve.

Another real problem with smart phones and video is the recording speed! Not a problem if you’re doing it for fun or don’t want to post it on other social sites. But if you do, and download the video later from Facebook you may find the video does NOT match the audio. In other words the sound is off from the mouth speaking those words. It starts out with only a second or two but by the end of the video it is not even close. I have had this happen TWICE now. Including the video on this blog.

Professional Promo Video Pro’s and Con’s

Professional Promo Video eliminates all the issues you can face with Live Video. With professional video equipment there is no timing issues. With professional video equipment the audio can be monitored so you know what is being recorded. Most professional usually use at least 2 different audio sources. Often the video is broke down into individual segments and done over several times to get it right. (Like a movie.) After shooting all the segments the video is edited to the best segments and put together flawlessly, like it was all recorded together, like a movie. In editing, titles may be added, segments noted, everything tweaked to make the best representation for you and your company.

Before shooting, story line is decided, backgrounds are decided, locations are decided, stills if needed, actors are selected if desired, and on, and on it can go. These can get as simple or complicated as desired all based on budget.

Different than a movie, video for promotional purposes should be kept to under 2 minutes and closer to 1 minute is better. We offer a 30 sec “Theater Package” very reasonably. Unless it is demonstrating a technical product most people will not watch more than a two minutes. Live Video people will watch much longer. Click here for Theater Package Info.

The Investment for a  Professional Promo Video is more than basic Live Video  though but far better and measurable results than Live Video. Learn More about Promo Video Here.

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So the Differences Of Facebook Live Video & Professional Promo Video boils down to control!