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What can Detroit Video Production do for your business?

Simply put, video production is the most powerful marketing tool to grow your business. Video creates Brand Awareness like nothing else can. Google LOVES video and its presence online will boost web traffic, retain prospects longer, and, most importantly, increase sales!  Detroit Video Production is your answer.

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  • Engages Viewers 24/7
  • Boost SEO & Web Rankings
  • Your Website Is 50 Times More Likely To Appear On The First Page Of A Search Engine Results Page If It Includes Video
  • Publishing web video content can be one of the fastest and productive ways to market your brand and reach a larger audience.
  • Will Create a Positive Perception in Just 1 MinuteDetroit Video Production
  • Provides engaging, visual information
  • Retain visitors an average of 10x longer than a site with text only
  • Converting prospects into clients is 87% more likely after they watch video
  • Increase brand recognition while conveying industry leadership

Video Production is used for many purposes in today’s business world…to promote, inform, entertain, educate and so much more. Regardless of your industry, video will provide an incredible impact on your business.

By 2018, 84% of all marketing communication will be visual.

And there’s more than one good reason for the shift:

Visuals help businesses of any size communicate and connect with users and distinguish from competitors.

64% of Information Seekers Prefer Web Video Over Plain Text

Why Not Make Your Website Easier For Busy People?

Give Your Web Visitors a Choice

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Five reasons how video affects people in terms of Consuming Content:

  1. Less than 20% of visitors will read your content, but 80% will watch the same content in video!
  2. Video is Six times more effective in converting a visitor into a paying customer.
  3. Video provides a deeper more emotional connection.
  4. Video is interactive and Social Media friendly.
  5. Video is more optimized than text for smart phone viewing.


  1. Video marketing is less expensive
  2. Videos can be monitored and tracked
  3. Video marketing can be highly targeted
  4. Increase page views per visitor
  5. Increased time on site
  6. Lower bounce rates


Here are some of the key areas in which video is used:

Business Promo Videos

 Video is the most powerful tool to promote your business…period! Use it online, at trade shows, in social media, email and more. Simply put, video outperforms all other marketing tactics. We can also embed it in your business cards!  Click here.  or Call 734-513-8100 and ask. We’ll fill you in on the details.

 Corporate / Industrial Video’s

A narrative look at your business will provide an engaging, visual tour of your capabilities. Using optimized video to introduce and make proposals is essential to gaining investors. Videos can also be used to attract the right employees.

Company / Internal Videos

Want to tell your company’s story or the history of your company? Maybe your company won an award or simply have a message to share? A story driven message will deliver your message in unique fashion.

 Training & How-To Videos

Training videos showcasing a particular product how-to or process are filmed on-location with either actors or employees.  Your notes or script to ensure all steps are described.

These training segments can then be divided up into several individual segments for online use, or put together as a DVD for internal training use.

Testimonial Video’s

Video testimonials are a powerful way to share your company message. There is no better endorsement than having one of your clients singing your praises. Click here to see one of ours.

Attorney Videos

Want to communicate your passion and dedication for your practice and gain more clients? Video is the answer! Detroit Commercial Photo & Video professionally produce’s on-location videos for attorneys and law firms.

Local, Fast, Effective Video Marketing  

Right Here            

We at Detroit Video Production make video production quick and easy, all you have to do is talk! Our on location video studio has all the tools and equipment necessary to produce your homepage video, about us video, testimonial, or any other promotional video.

Our team shoots on-location using Hi-Definition cameras with professional lighting, microphones, sound recorders and stabilization systems. Detroit Commercial Photo & Video prides itself on creating unique, high quality content for each of our clients to help convert website viewers into clients!

How you can Market VIDEOS through MOBILE?      

What is your Mobile Strategy?

Now more than 50% of all Web searches is on a mobile device. Videos on mobile/tablets get 41% higher click-through rate than text which is great for those who are selling complex products or personalized services!

In 2018 video is predicted to reach 97% of all web traffic. The amount of people accessing video in their mobile or tabs are getting higher and it would be one of the most effective ways for you to MARKET ONLINE. You just need, the right VIDEO, the right WORDS, and to START TODAY!

Once your video has been produced, 

we go to the next step:

We are not your typical studio that mass produces cookie cutter videos and then leaves you to market those videos. We are a family company with a small business attitude. This allows us to give each of our customers the time and resources required to create video that works.

We at Detroit Studio Production don’t just create your videos; we help you market your videos so that you can reach the target audience you are after. Following your completed video we sit down with you to develop a distribution plan for your video and set up links to track your video.  No other video studio in the area has the video marketing knowledge as the professionals at Detroit Commercial Photo & Video.

We believe that it is not just an interesting video or a well-marketed video that is a successful one. We believe that interesting video coupled with a strategic marketing plan is what makes video successful. Get started today and get successful in your video marketing efforts.

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Gaining Visibility Through YouTube

YouTube is the Video Guru of the world. As time goes on, YouTube continues to gain a larger and larger presence in the music world, the TV world, and now – even the business world. YouTube provides a free video platform that guarantees what many marketing strategies lack: a huge audience and widespread visibility to anyone with access to a computer.

Now, it is easier than ever for small businesses to gain visibility through YouTube in the same way. The problem with You Tube is your video is lumped with dozens of other videos including your competitor’s. We like to say visibility with a cost. We’ll suggest other platforms.

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