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Your Detroit Real Estate Photographer will be the most important aspect of advertising houses, condos, apartments, and other properties online. 

A home can attract more buyers and receive higher offers if you have clean, beautiful photos taken by a professional real estate photographer who is working for your brand.  When potential home buyers are searching for homes online, photos become their first impression, and may determine whether they go to see the property or not. 

When people have already seen the property and are considering the purchase, they often revisit the photos as part of the decision making process.  It’s important for photos to stand out as exceptional in a sea of online images. And they capture the beauty of the property’s exterior and interior space in the best possible way.  This is my goal with every photo shoot, whether I’m photographing a house for sale, architectural design, or shooting a commercial property.  

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Family Room Design

Family Room Makeover

Whether you’re an Architect, Builder, Interior Designer, or Real Estate Professional quality Real Estate Photos of your properties exterior and interior is mandatory! Having an experienced Detroit Real Estate Photographer that can create exceptional Real Estate Photo’s is required. We will deliver quality images for print, web, and media guaranteed.

With 35 years’ experience in Professional Photography and Video     

we will deliver the images you want and need!

We serve the Metro Detroit area, Including Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Washtenaw and Monroe Counties. Trip fees will be added for areas outside the above areas.


Commercial & Custom Photography

We also provide photos for commercial properties, large rental properties, apartment complexes, custom homes, interior design, and other settings where beautiful photos are needed for marketing on the Web or Print Brochure. Pricing would be based on a number of factors that I look forward to discussing with you.

Producing high quality photos (especially with interior photography) is challenging. There are many different approaches, each requires different equipment, and work involved. Pointing a camera and a flash at a living space does not guarantee a great photo. 

Detroit Real Estate Kitchen Glamour

Gorgeous Custom Kitchen

When preparing to take a photo, some of the considerations are;

  • What color temperature is the ambient light?  
  • How bright is the ambient light inside and outside?
  • Are there multiple light sources with differing color temperatures?  
  • What direction is the light going?  
  • Is the light balanced?  
  • Are there distracting glares? 
  • How important is the view out the window?
  • What objects or areas should be highlighted in this scene?

I consider all of these aspects for every photo I create. Using a combination of wireless flashes, light stands, light modifiers, and advanced Photoshop techniques to make the lighting more appealing and beautiful than what would normally be captured in a standard photo.

Photo pricing is based on the number of photos requested.  You can specify any shots and angles you would prefer, or have me select the angles that (in my experience) will help maximize the property’s market appeal.

A smaller house or condo typically will only require around 20 photos to capture the most appealing views and angles, while larger houses, houses with many unique or upgraded features, and properties with waterfront or acreage tend to benefit from a higher number of photos.

Below are guidelines for photo rates.  Rates may change without notice! 

Detroit Real Estate Photographer Bedroom with a View

Beautiful Bedroom with a View

  • At Least 15   Photos  $200 
  • At Least 20   Photos  $220 
  • At Least 25   Photos  $240 
  • At Least 30   Photos  $275 
  • At Least 40   Photos  $345 
  • 45 +  Call for Quote

With any photo package, I can provide a complimentary brochure, flyer, or slideshow video with music if requested.  I can also put a watermark on photos (e.g. the realtor’s name) if requested.

We offer the following services;

  • Exterior Drone Real Estate Drone Photography
  • Exterior Drone Real Estate Drone Videography
  • Interior HDR Photography
  • Interior Stabilized HD Video “Walk-Through” Virtual Tours
  • Property Owner Interviews
  • Voice Over Narration
  • Slide Shows w/ Background Music
  • Full Graphics Packages


Aerial (Drone) Photography & Video

In many situations, taking photos from a higher elevation is beneficial for commercial or residential real estate marketing.  This is especially true if a property has a lot of acreage, water frontage, multiple buildings, or has a unique shape or surroundings.  By offering a better view, aerial (drone) photography is a great way to catch the attention of potential buyers.  We have a FAA certified remote pilot with a small UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) (Drone) rating.  This opens up a whole new world for property marketing and photography!  

For aerial (drone) photos, the rates depend on the number of photos.  The rate is a base charge of $150, plus $15 per photo and/or $75 per 15 seconds of finished video.  If both photos and videos are ordered from drone, there is a discount of 20% of total of photos and video.

If Drone, Interior and Exterior photos will be done call for quote (734) 513-8100 / Toll FREE (877) 640-8150.

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