Detroit Advertising Photographer

Detroit Advertising Photographer?

Detroit Advertising Photographer is all about Brand Awareness for you and your company. Or you may call it Editorial Photography. Either way, it is designed to tell your companies story. Brand Awareness!

Brand Awareness is what we are all about. For 35 years we have specialized in creating meaningful story telling images for individuals, families, businesses and corporations.A man with his dog looking at each other

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It is what most web sites and most print brochures are made up of. They are photos that tell your story of you and your company. So, for that reason stock images usually don’t work real well because they are so generic. Your story is best told by personal images that feature you, your company or your products in action. This is not just a head shot or a product shot; it shows you and or your product performing. These are story telling images to the Maximum!!!

What’s Required?

InEditorial Photgraphy of Food order to create a meaningful Detroit Advertising Photographer image it requires a photographer that has control of his craft. He must know and understand lighting, lighting direction, time of day, location options as well as directing each image created to tell the story. A full complement of equipment is necessary for most, not just a flash on a camera.  

A  Detroit Advertising / Editorial Photographer shoot can often involve a lot of people working together to produce an illustrative story. It’s a highly creative process often involving endless interpretations; people with smiles or no smiles, looking back at the camera or looking off, sometimes moody, soft, or bright and crisp are all possible and part of the creative process. Since these publications cover almost every area of interest, a photographer with a background in many different disciplines is best involved in this field, working both in studio and on location.

Rock hiding an electronic device for your dog.

You May Ask = What do I have to do?

That will vary depending on circumstances. Usually we’ll meet with you the owner, and or the editor, or web designer to develop a story board. (The kind of images, locations, etc. best suited for the publication whether web or print.)  Often but not required you may want to be on the set to approve the images as created. It is then our job to shoot images that will meet or exceed editorial expectations.

You can see why it’s often referred to as Advertising / Editorial Photography.

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