Brand Awarness


BRAND  AWARNESS. . . is all over the news today.

On line Video is taking over the internet. In a crowded market place everyone wants to stand out from the crowd! Small business has to compete with big business, retail stores are now competing not only with each other, but with on line marketing companies such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. Individual sales reps are now competing with marketing teams advertising on TV. Big companies can buy brand awareness through TV Ads and massive marketing campaigns. Literally spend millions. But Small Business Can’t. We don’t have budgets like that.

For that reason Brand Awarness is more important than ever!

The bottom line unless you are Sears, Amazon, Best Buy or some other large corporation you are your brand. You drive the sales, you are who your clients work with, you are the company. And when they meet you (especially for the first time) it’s really important to “put your best foot forward” as they say. You have to look like the image they’ve seen on line from your web site, social media, etc. It’s that brand they’ve seen and from your image they feel they know, like and trust!

It doesn’t make a real good impression if the picture they seen was taken 10 years ago, by your mother, from the front seat of your car!

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Do these images give a professional image? Don’t you feel you know like and trust them. These images are some of the images from a recent Headshot event we held.

Creating Brand Awarness